Cryptsy Cryptocurrency Settlement

Case No.: 9:16-cv-80060

If you fall within the Class definition but do not want to be included in the ongoing class action against the Non-Settling Defendants, including because you want to retain the right to sue or continue to sue Cryptsy or Vernon about the legal issues in this case, then you must opt out of this lawsuit.

To exclude yourself from (opt out of) the ongoing lawsuit against the Non-Settling Defendants, you must you must send an “Exclusion Request” in the form of a letter sent by mail, stating that you want to be excluded from Leidel v. Cryptsy, Case No.: 9:16-cv-80060-MARRA, with your name and address, and sign the letter. You must mail your Exclusion Request postmarked by April 17, 2017, to:

Leidel v. Cryptsy Exclusions
1801 Market Street, Suite 660
Philadelphia, PA 19103

You cannot exclude yourself on the phone or by fax or e-mail – you must do so in writing. You may also get an Exclusion Request form by clicking here.

If you have any questions about how to submit this request, please contact the Claims Adminstrator via email at or by calling 1-888-868-4936.

If you request to be excluded from the ongoing lawsuit against the Non-Settling Defendants, you will not be legally bound by the Court’s judgments. If the Class gets money or benefits as a result of any settlement or trial between any of the Non-Settling Defendants and the Plaintiffs, you will not receive any of that money or those benefits. You will, however, be able to sue, or continue to sue, any of the Non-Settling Defendants about the same legal claims that are involved in this case. If you do exclude yourself from the ongoing lawsuit and pursue a separate lawsuit, you will have to retain your own lawyer for that case or prosecute the case without a lawyer.

If you choose to exclude yourself from any part of this case, you may include any/all of your exclusion requests in one letter or written request, or you may prepare separate letters and written requests and include them in the same mailing envelope, email or fax; there is no need to send separate letters, emails or faxes, or to use separate envelopes.

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